When To Test

Results may change depending on the application of skincare products and any washing on the sample collection area, especially over time. Here are the suggested scenarios to test the current state of:

Test Type When To Test
Baseline (product-free innate skin antioxidant level) Wash and do not apply skincare products before bed, then collect samples after waking and washing.
Application (product-applied skin antioxidant level) Collect samples after 4 hours of applying skincare product(s).
A Tailored For You (accessed online) Personalized test types can be performed along with skincare product recommendations from an analysis report by inputting your SKINTELLI antioxidant test results at https://skintelli.com/register

Warnings and precautions

  • Keep track of the “Test Sample” and “Control Sample” tubes to avoid confusion.
  • Store the test kit at room temperature (15 to 25°C) and avoid prolonged exposure of any test liquid to light.
  • Do not collect samples on acne, abrasions, lesions, wounds, or broken skin.
  • Keep this product away from children and pets.
  • Do not ingest buffer liquid. In the event of accidental ingestion, drink small quantities of water if conscious.
  • Rinse eyes thoroughly if any buffer liquid makes contact with your eyes.
  • Consult a physician if still feeling unwell.
  • For external use and cosmetic testing purposes only. Not for diagnostic use.


Tap the tubes inserting the Sample Tubes in positions 1 an 3 and Buffer Tubes in positions 2 and 4Note: Save this box for use for the second test asneeded.

inserting sample tubes


Carefully insert a new, unsued Collection Disc into the Sample Tube in punch-out position 1, with the adhensive side facing inward (non-adhesive side against tube surface). This is the “Control Sample”.

inserting sample disc


Adhere a Collection Disc to the left and right cheekbone area under your eyes, alternating between the two areas, and press firmly for 2 seconds each time. Remove gently and repeat 5 times per area undil the disc is no longer adhesive.

Collection Disc to the left and right cheekbone


Carefully insert the sampled disc into the second Sample Tube in punch-out position 3, with the adhesive side facing inward. This is the “test Sample”.

insert the sampled disc


Tightly re-cap both “Control” and “Test” Sample Tubes, then invert each one back & forth 10 times to mix. Ensure the liquid fully coats the Collection Disc during mixing.

Tightly re-cap both


Gently tap down each Sample Tube again, then uncap them and re-insert back to the punch out positions. Use the Dropper to transfer the entire liquid from each Buffer TUbe to each Sampl Tube. Do not allow the tip of the Dropper to contac the existing liquid in the Sample Tubes.

Gently tap down each Sample Tube again


Tightly re-cap both “Control” and “Test” Sample Tubes and mix the liquid by inverting each one back and forth 3 times.

Tightly re-cap both


Wait 8 minutes for color reaction, then compare the color intensity number of the “Test Sample” and “Control Sample” against the gradient on the gradient card enclosed with the kit.

Wait 8 minutes for color reaction


Your Antioxidant Score is the color intensity number of the “Test Sample” minus the color intensity of the “Control Sample”. For example, if the “Test Sample” is 4 and Control Sample” is 1, your Antioxidant Score is 3.

The higher theAntioxidant Score, the better your skin’s antioxidant levels


Complete Your Analysis

Complete your analysis by inputting your test results atSkintelli Registerto obtain personalized recommendations, including suggested skincare products.