Truly Working Skincare? Identified.

15-minute self-test to optimize your personal skincare regimen.

Three Easy Steps

To Identify Your Skin or Skincare Product Quality

For your skin or for your products.


Add some color reaction liquid.


Check your quality score card.

Two Tests to Choose From

One for Your Skin, One for Your Products
Test Your Skin Directly

$49.99 $39.99 | FREE SHIPPING | 2 Individual Tests Per Kit

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Test Your Skincare Products

$49.99 $39.99 | FREE SHIPPING | 1 Test for up to 5 Products Simultaneously

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The First Ever Antioxidant Self-Tests Specifically for Skincare

SKINTELLI directly detects antioxidation of your skin or products — all on your own.

The Intelligent Way to Meet Your True Skincare Needs

Antioxidants are key to deterring aging caused by the environment.

Backed by Lab Research to Cut Out The Noise

Carefully validated tests to realistically reflect antioxidation levels.

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Just What You Need

With Everything in One Neat Package

Just stick onto your face

Includes two tests per kit that can be performed separately or by two people.

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Or just dip into your products

Includes one simultaneous test for up to five skincare products.

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Get Started Today

To Elevate Your Skincare Regimen
Skin Insight Anytime, Anywhere

Your antioxidant levels can be immediately impacted by the environment, which builds up into longer lasting consequences over time. The SKINTELLI home self-test can be used for multiple lifestyle scenarios such as after exercising, traveling to a new place, or simply before or after bed.

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Get the Truth About Your Products

Screen up to five skincare products to evaluate each of their antioxidant capacity, — the key defense mechanism against skin aging. Gain peace of mind by finding out if the products you use actually stand up to their marketing claims and narrow them down to the best one for your skin.

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