Skin, Meet Your Match
Personalized skincare based on your gene activity.
The Ultimate Skincare TestOwn Your Skin's Destiny

SKINTELLI uses the science of epigenetics to analyze the current quality of your skin and matches it to best-suited products from thousands of brands.

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Your report’s test results will reveal how old your skin currently is versus your chronological age.

Discover how currently capable your skin is for maintaining firmness and elasticity.

Learn how well your skin is currently able to retain moisture which is essential for smooth, bright skin and prevents tightness and cracking.

Get insights into the effects of sun and environmental exposure on your skin.

Find out about your skin’s current ability to effectively refresh its cells to slow down wrinkling, age spots, dryness, and other cosmetic degradation.

Be informed on how well your skin is currently reacting to environmental stimuli that causes sensitivity-related appearances such as redness.

Learn how much your skin is currently affected by oxidation — higher levels lead to visible signs of age spots, wrinkling, and sagging.

Discover your skin’s current capacity for maintaining smooth and even coloration of the skin with a balanced amount of melanin. 

…plus 36 products from thousands of brands automatically matched to your profile, including:

  • Estee Lauder
  • L’Oreal
  • Olay
  • Shiseido
  • Neutrogena
  • Murad
  • Lancome
  • and more

What Can Epigenetics Provide?

Dynamic Snapshot

Our test captures your current skin quality, not what you’re born with.

Actionable Recommendations

We match your profile to the ingredients of existing brands.

No More Trial & Error

Avoid buying unnecessary or even the wrong products for your skin.

Measurable Progress

Our repeatable test enables skincare regimen progress measurement.


Painless 2-minute adhesive process to self-collect DNA directly from your skin.


We actually test your epigenetics in the lab using the latest technologies.


We de-identify your profile and use enterprise level data encryption.

Three Options to Choose FromGet Started Today

Is your skincare regimen really working? Let us help you perfect your skincare routine and discover next-level skincare personalization.

INSIGHTFUL & INSTANTResults in 10 Minutes

Questionnaire-based personalization through artificial intelligence. Learn about your skin by answering questions based on affinity profiles from lab tested data.

MOST POPULARResults in 2-4 Weeks

Our standard laboratory test with the emphasized accuracy on biological aging of your skin. Includes product recommendations.

COMPREHENSIVE & ROBUSTResults in 8-16 Weeks

Our flagship next-generation sequencing test to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive results. Includes product recommendations.